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giffgaff's response to COVID-19

Dear giffgaff user

Over the last week or so, giffgaff's team has been talking a lot about how they can support giffgaff members as people's behaviour changes and needs to change in response to COVID-19 coronavirus.

As a mobile network that's entirely online, giffgaff has the ability to continue to operate largely as usual, and its community and agent teams will remain available for anyone who needs support keeping their phone working. Giffgaff has also asked all office staff to work from home wherever possible, so that they can continue to make sure giffgaff is working as you expect and fix any issues that come up.

Giffgaff has made some changes and they have some information they'd like to share:

Firstly, giffgaff has made access to NHS websites free of charge to every giffgaff member, and the NHS 111 health advice helpline will remain a free call.

Secondly, some sites the giff-staffers have been finding useful are:

Thirdly, for those of you who are working from home yourselves, or self-isolating, it's worth considering how your mobile needs may change. Remember, with giffgaff, based on your needs, you can choose the plan that makes the most sense for you in My giffgaff.

Finally, as much now as ever, a sense of community is important. While people are being asked to stay home except where essential, giffgaff`s community is always open for all kinds of discussion and chat, for anyone who feels isolated or lonely, whether they're a giffgaff member or not.

Take care of yourselves and those in your community. While we might be distancing physically, we can take care to be close emotionally and stay connected.