Double Data giffgaff

giffgaff double data

Giffgaff has doubled your data

Good news for all giffgaff users, for the same price, they will enjoy double data to surf the internet from their mobile phone.

The monthly prepaid plans (Goodybags) that duplicate its data are:

£20 goodybag - Has increased from 40GB to 80GB

£25 goodybag - Increased browsing data from 40GB to 80GB at 100% speed, once consumed, connection continues at reduced speed.

Other plans extend your minutes on calls and text messages:

£6 goodybag, Increased from 300 minutes on calls and 500 text messages, to minutes and unlimited messages.

£8 goodybag, Increased from 500 minutes on calls, to unlimited minutes.

giffgaff goodybag prepaid bundles of £10, £12 and £15, last year already saw a surge in calls and data.

These new offers for the year 2020 make giffgaff the best phone company in terms of quality and price in the UK.

  Giffgaff monthly deals

Forget about contracts, giffgaff sim only deals (we call it a goodybag) give you the flexibility to choose each month the number of minutes, data and texts you need. Change your deal whenever you need it. You will enjoy 4G conexión at no extra cost.

Choose your giffgaff monthly deal
Monthly price Data           Minutes & Texts
6 goodybag giffgaff 500 MB Unlimited
8 goodybag giffgaff 2 GB Unlimited
10 goodybag giffgaff 6 GB Unlimited
12 goodybag giffgaff 10 GB Unlimited
15 goodybag giffgaff 15 GB Unlimited
20 goodybag giffgaff 80 GB Unlimited
25 goodybag giffgaff Always On* Unlimited

 Get 1 GB extra data on us

We will boost your data by 1 GB from your 3rd goodybag deal (£10, £12, £15 or £20) purchase onwards.

Monthly price Data         Minutes & Texts
10 goodybag giffgaff 7GB 6GB Unlimited
12 goodybag giffgaff 11GB 10GB Unlimited
15 goodybag giffgaff 16GB 15GB Unlimited
20 goodybag giffgaff 81GB 80GB Unlimited